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Resident Evil
[ About T-Virus]
the T-Virus basically takes live cells and replaces them with dead cells reanimating the body after it dies.First the virus heads up the spine reaching the brain after it reaches the brain the virus burst the pineal gland killing the person.Moments later they come back to life trying to kill its friends and family and most likley to exceed.
[The Cure]
The cure to the virus is called the anti-virus which is impossible to get without an umbrella scientist. this is a hard medicine to get so if you get exposed to the T-Virus you should probably go ahead and kill yourself.
[A Good T-Virus?]
The T-Virus also has a good use like in the movie (Resident Evil:Apocalypse) a little girl was told by doctors that she would never gain back the use of her legs. but her dad used the T-Virus to help her walk again
but the virus had to be kept under control. or she could have become a zombie.

special thanks to: resident evil creators and myself

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